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Point.Black Creative is an independent creative consultancy & agency with a focus on artist development and creative direction.

We work with artists to groom every aspect of their brand from the overall big picture to the small intricate details of stage presence, artistic direction, style, structure, personal confidence and more. We develop creative concepts and bring your vision to life for music videos, short films, live performances and commercials.


Malachi E. Robinson

Founder/Creative Director

Malachi E. Robinson is the Founder & Creative Director of Point.Black Creative. 

Malachi is an award-winning music video director from Washington, DC. He has worked with numerous musical and entertainment clients.


Malachi as a child was a music, film and art connoiseur- Michael Jackson, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Tupac Shakur were his favorites. He studied Entertainment Management at Coppin State University in Baltimore, MD. Before starting Point.Black Creative, Malachi spent 8 years in non-profit management, youth program development and artist development. 

In July of 2019, Malachi, Cvrter and Point Black Films won the "Best Music Video" award for Cvrter's Amazing music video at the 2019 IGAA Awards in Chesapeake, VA. Malachi is also nominated for "Director of the Year" at the 2019 Titan Arts Awards in Washington, DC. 

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