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Point.Black Creative is an independent creative consultancy & agency with a focus on artist development and creative direction.

We work with artists to groom every aspect of their brand from the overall big picture to the small intricate details of stage presence, artistic direction, style, structure, personal confidence and more. We develop creative concepts and bring your vision to life for music videos, short films, live performances and commercials.


Malachi E. Robinson

Founder/Creative Director

Malachi E. Robinson is the visionary Founder & Creative Director behind Point.Black Creative. This dynamic powerhouse ignites the creative scene in the Washington, DC area, infusing every project with electrifying energy and boundless innovation. A true luminary of our time, Malachi's creative quest is to spark a revolution that resonates through film, music, wellness, and collaborative artistry. Hailing from the dynamic landscapes of Prince George's County, Maryland, Malachi has a bachelor's degree in Entertainment Management with a concentration in Music Management from Coppin State University. Not only is he an award-winning music video director, but he's also a devoted father, a partner-in-crime husband, a certified yoga guru, and an unapologetic Michael Jackson superfan. In a triumphant crescendo, 2022 witnessed the spectacular premiere of his magnum opus, "BLACK X." This genre-bending short film is a tantalizing fusion of nightmarish visuals and heart-pounding choreography, a symphony of emotions and experiences through the lens of a Black man. Confronting themes of depression, spirituality, and self-discovery, "BLACK X" takes a daring plunge into the abyss of the experimental. The film's premiere at Dupont Underground DC was a transcendent affair, captivating the senses and capturing hearts. With a spotlight on "Great Day Washington" on WUSA-Channel 9, the exhibit drew over 600 attendees across two electrifying weekends. "BLACK X" further cemented its legacy by gracing the Heritage Film Festival in Maryland.

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